Infectonator! World Dominator

In Infectonator! you play a zombie virus or, more accurately, the means of distributing said virus. In each stage, you’re in a new real world location, trying to infect as many humans as possible. You do this by clicking the left mouse button which, in the beginning, disperses four… uh… spores, I guess. Whoever gets clipped by the spores become zombies, who can then attack other humans.

I know this point-and-click zombie simulator sounds rather dull, but stick with it, because the more humans you infect, the more powerups you get. Soon, you’ll be dispersing more than four spores at a time, throwing bombs, and gaining access to special zombies, which range from Ronald McDonald to Michael Jackson. I got stuck playing this game until four in the morning on a work night once so let me suggest playing while you’re at work, not after.

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