Libertarianism in SF

There was a really good article this week discussing the connection between libertarianism and science fiction. I can’t find it. It think was in Google News. Now it’s gone. Poof. 

Oh well.

But here’s yet another article that came out this week about the same thing. No big surprise: Robert Heinlein is discussed; he was also mentioned in that other article that I can’t find. (If you are looking for a big surprise, Google both Heinlein’s name and Philip K. Dick’s at the same time. Wikipedia might be a good place to go. The friendship the two had is as unlikely as it is touching.)
* * *
Fellow Tulsans: you really need to check out Oak Tree, a used bookstore on 15th Street near Delaware. It is easily my favorite used book store and for good reason: every single one of their books is in decent to great condition, the prices aren’t outrageous, and the guys that work there know their shit inside and out. 

Neuromancer Opening Credits

Sorry, but this here is going to be some real nerd shit, yo. 

Somebody made a (not obviously) fake opening credits sequence for the movie version of Neuromancer. I predict it will be better than a real movie version of Neuromancer, which is going to be made by the guy who made Torque. Ever heard of that movie? No? That’s why they shouldn’t let him make this one…