The 1st Hero of the 21st Century

Saturday night was Movie Night at my friend’s house, which is when we watch a movie outdoors on a video projector. Saturday’s film was Cyborg, staring Jean-Claude Van Damme. What terrible reviews this movie got (here’s Roger Ebert’s review). There was also a lot of snickering when we watched it. Damned if I didn’t admire the movie though. I mean, sure, it’s unintentionally silly and everybody is named after a guitar (something I missed until I read the Wikipedia article), but as far as JCVD movies go… I don’t know. I kind of liked it.

Bollywood Matrix

┬áHuh. This sure is something…
Original Matrix:
Bollywood Matrix:
From the film Awara Paagal Deewana. Wikipedia has it:
The film centres on the legacy of a dead Indian underworld don (Om Puri), who dies of a heart attack at the beginning of the film. He leaves diamonds worth $10bn at the New York Bank, to be distributed equally between his son Vikrant, his daughter Preeti, and Preeti’s husband Guru. To claim the diamonds, all three benefactors must be present at the bank, or, if dead, their death certificates must be presented. Shortly after the Don’s death, Vikrant attempts to eliminate Guru by assassinating the Indian Home Minister in full view of television cameras while disguised as him. Guru flees to the US to escape prosecution.