Guillermo del Toro on Fulci’s Zombie

I haven’t seen Zombie in years, yet the “shark versus zombie” scene is still one of the most memorable things I’ve ever seen on film. I always thought del Toro was a cool guy, but this video just made him seem a helluva lot cooler. I have the movie on Anchor Bay’s widescreen VHS (I think it was one of the last new tapes I bought), but this is one I’d love to get on Blu-Ray.

So I think Split is available to rent now. I’m probably going to post my thoughts on it this Friday.

* * *

The Black Pyramid pinball machine is mostly operational and it has been since Saturday morning. I bought a ton of stuff for it, but only needed around four dollars of resistors and diodes to get it playable. I did some flipper work and changed out the playfield rubbers, but haven’t gotten around to replacing bulbs yet. The rest is routine maintenance (I already did these ground modifications on the solenoid driver board) while keeping an eye out for leads on replacement pieces. Hopefully I’ll be getting back to my Pac-Man restoration soon, but I really hate painting and woodwork, which makes the pinball project a pretty satisfactory change of pace.

Last weekend my friend and I did around four hours of driving to get to Oklahoma City and back. The arcade there was a lot more impressive than I expected. I finally got to play a real-life version of Whoa Nellie, which I knew I would like, but it’s somehow one of my favorite pins ever. The biggest surprise was Jersey Jack’s Wizard of Oz. I had absolutely no desire to play it, but it turns out the game’s a blast (Stern’s AC/DC was like that for me, too). I was initially turned off by the theme. Not that I have a problem with Wizard of Oz, but I didn’t expect it to lend itself so well to pinball. 

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