LOST: The Final Season

I’m getting antsy. The second to last episode of Doctor Who to premier in America on the BBCA was so terrible, I haven’t even gotten around to the second part I TiVoed, which showed last Saturday. I like the weeping angels and I even like the doctor’s future wife (the first time he met her was a few seasons ago… see, the doctor first met her at the end of her life and she met him closer to the end of his life… such things are possible when you have a time machine). I just feel the show has lost some of its bite. And I think this article may shed some light as to why.

Those nutters.

LOST, too, has lost a bit of its allure. This Sunday, the last episode ever premieres. And though I initially loved this season—they led us into an alternate universe without over-explaining it like most made-for-TV programs would’ve—I have to say what drew me to the show is it’s questions, not its answers. The answers, you ask me, almost ruin it. Almost.

If you’re hoarding episodes of LOST, there are spoilers ahead. 

It was okay, in previous seasons, to answer something every once and a while. Consider the way they suggested (but didn’t tell) how and why the polar bears got to the island in the episode when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were taken hostage by the others. I was fine with all that. But now nothing is so casually suggested. Now everything is flat out explained, usually by Locke or a ghost, or in an incoherent flashback, and I say to myself, “Okay, that was certainly anti-climactic.” I don’t hate the final season, I just think it can’t hold a candle to any of the seasons which came before it.

Season 5’s cliffhanger was brilliant. So was season 6’s opener: we all knew you couldn’t have LOST without an island, but the show opens and… we’re on the plane again. What? The plan worked? The plan worked! Not only that, the island is underwater! Holy shit! WTF! How cool is that! And then, with no explanation… we see Jack wake up on the island. And no, that other universe was no dream. It was… it was… honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. It was the best mind-fuck LOST had pulled yet.

Then the answers came trudging along. Every great once and a while, they toss me a bone, but it just isn’t enough to sustain my appetite. I realize I would have liked the show better if it had been canceled after Season 5. Better yet: after the new universe was revealed. I like things that get me involved. LOST‘s sixth season is considerably less hands-on.

Yet I can’t stop watching, damn it.

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