America 3000 (1986) [Trailer]

I have an irresistible attraction to movies with four-digit numbers in the title. Love is the only thing worth nuking for! Great trailer, but I suspect it’s a shit movie. 
Come back this Friday, midnight CT to read my thoughts on Logan.

* * *
Monday I bought a pinball machine and a Blitz ’99 conversion in a TMNT cab. I fixed the monitor (Looks brand new with no burn-in whatsoever!), but I haven’t even touched the Blitz PCB or hard drive yet. The pinball machine is a little overwhelming, to be honest. I haven’t done much other than poking it with a multi-meter and checking fuses, but I have read about fifty-million pinball-related webpages in about two days.
As for my Pac-Man restoration project, the cab is sanded and primed, but a tube rejuvenator verified a heater-cathode short in the monitor. Looks like I’m doing my first tube-swap very soon, but I’m still exploring options.
As always, you can see pictures of my games on my Instagram

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) [Trailer]

Kubrick movies often had great marketing. Imagine seeing this vague trailer and knowing nothing else about the movie other than the fact it was Kubrick’s last. Then, armed with precious little plot information, the movie just kind of… happens to you.

Great use of music and mystery. The aspect ratio seen in this trailer is actually Kubrick’s preferred format for this film and many of his others. He makes a strong case for squarish images.