3D printing woes?

So I finally bought a 3D printer. The machine itself arrived today, but the PLA filament I ordered won’t be arriving until tomorrow, which is downright cruel. Thankfully, the machine comes with a few coils of sample filament, which has allowed me to print some extremely small projects. I got to experience a couple of failures, too.

I went with the Monoprice Select Mini. For one, I really like Monoprice and I tell people to check out their website a lot. Even though I heard they’re coming out with better models in April, I’m curious (read: impatient) to see how far two hundred dollars will take me right now. Besides, I foresee two things happening by the time April rolls around: either I’ve lost interest in 3D printing entirely or I’ll be shopping for something much more serious than the Select Mini. I think two hundred bucks is a pretty reasonable fee for finding out which.

That isn’t to say I think my losing interest is a strong possibility, just that I’ve got enough stuff going on right now. So I’m trying to justify my purchase not as a new hobby (which is the last thing I need), but as an early adoption of a skill that will be very common in the near future. Besides, 3D modelling in Blender, which is already one of my hobbies, will be closely related to printing. So win-win, right?

I think what I’m trying to say with this post is this: You can probably expect me to start talking about 3D printing a bit more in the coming weeks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Thingiverse Cthulhu to print.

(Update: the Cthulhu failed. It’s the first failure I’ve had that I can’t contribute to human error… and now I’m pretty much out of filament.)

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