Quitter’s Inc.

Only two posts this month? Let me explain.

I smoked my last cigarette almost ten days ago. Supposedly, I’ve regained the sense of smell I would have had if I never started smoking. I believe it. Being able to smell like a normal person is already terrible.

I keep catching whiffs of things I wouldn’t have noticed before I quit. Napoleon (the dog) suddenly smells like old sweat and dirt. I can sporadically detect the scent of beer even though I haven’t had any drinks in the house in almost two weeks. Suddenly I hate the smell of laundry detergent, so much so I’m having trouble sleeping on pillows which are now obnoxiously fragrant.

Last time I tried quitting I couldn’t focus on anything. This time, my symptoms of withdrawal aren’t bad enough to distract me from my writing (yet). Still, I don’t feel like updating this blog right now (I’d rather punch it right in its goddamned face to be perfectly honest), but I assure you I’m still doing 31 Days of Gore, an October-long film marathon in which I review 31 horror movies in a row.

That’s another reason September was such a slow month: October will be the biggest month for this blog ever.

everything is as irritating as fingernails on a chalkboard lately

I’m worried my blog posts might seem a bit more angry in the near future, and if that’s the case, just remember that’s probably the nicotine junkie talking, not me.


* * *
I have yet to see this or any other trailer for fear of spoilers

In other news, I was browsing OOP (eBay lingo for “out-of-print”) movies the other day and stumbled upon a VHS copy of Sonny Boy, an early 90s exploitation film which features David Carradine playing a transvestite. I remembered reading about it in a Fangoria about a million years ago and was tickled to death to rediscover it. I’ve always wanted to see it (at least during the period of time in which I remembered it) and, thankfully, I won the auction for a little bit less than I was willing to pay.

$8 to see a lost masterpiece like this? Fuck yeah.

10/3/2016 Update:

Sonny Boy is now available on Blu-Ray from Shout Factory.

After a year, the weirdest thing about being a non-smoker is my food cravings. I haven’t gained any weight (that I’ve noticed), but I crave spicy food more than ever now. You’d think I wouldn’t be able to handle it as well now that I’m no longer deadening my tongue with smoke, but my tolerance for heat has steadily gone up.

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