My Favorite PC games of 2012

The end of April is the perfect time to recap last year’s best PC games, right? Hey, I’m nothing if not excessively tardy.

Around Christmas time the feeling is, “There’re just too many video games to try!” But then during the first quarter of any year the pickings are depressingly slim, this year being the exception because we got Bioshock Infinite, which is easily the best game of 2013 and probably still will be by the time the year’s over, too. Before we begin, I have a confession to make: I didn’t like Dishonored that much (I plan to give it another shot soon) and I didn’t even play Mass Effect 3 or Torchlight 2. But here are the 2012 games I did play and enjoyed the most.

Legend of Grimrock
This game is fantastic. Old school RPG fun. It’s probably in my top three.
Diablo 3
No, it wasn’t nearly as good as Diablo 2, but launch-issues aside, it was pretty damn good.
Max Payne 3
As far as capturing the feel of an awesome crime movie, you can’t top Max Payne 3. It’s the closest we’ll get to Breaking Bad: The Video Game. Multiplayer is unreasonably fun, too, at least for a week or two.
Sleeping Dogs
This is one of the best looking games on PC right now. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Grand Theft Auto IV, but then again I like GTA even more than most people.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
I love CS, original as well as Source. I even had it for Xbox. CS:GO feels the way a modern version of Counter-Strike should feel and it gets better with every update.

FTL: Faster Than Light
This might be my favorite game of the year and I can’t wait until it’s on my Android tablet. It’s a merciless roguelike that has you piloting your own ship, constantly pursued by an almost unbeatable enemy and susceptible to death at every turn. Oh, and the music kicks ass.
Borderlands 2
I didn’t dig the original Borderlands nearly as much. Looting in this game is a lot more satisfying than it was in Diablo 3 and the jokes don’t fall flat as often as they do in most games like this. 
X-Com: Enemy Unknown
Quite possibly my second favorite game of the year. Multiplayer is missing something I can’t quite put my finger on and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s game-breakingly buggy, there are some odd glitches here and there.
Mark of the Ninja
Although console-gaming isn’t my favorite way to play games, I love the old school gamepad vibe of Mark of the Ninja. Probably my favorite platformer since Super Meat Boy.
Hitman Absolution
It’s not nearly as good as Hitman: Blood Money, but it’s a hell of a lot slicker. Much better than I expected, anyway. But you should know I expected absolute disappointment.
Planetside 2
Although I don’t play consoles very often, I love Halo for its gigantic landscapes and science fiction imagery. This captures that feeling and it’s free. I should really play it more.
Far Cry 3
Oh man, this is the best open world game in ages. It’s absolutely beautiful, too. I can’t wait until I get to play as Michael Biehn in Blood Dragon. 

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