It’s a smooth launch day for Black Ops 2

I thought I was done with Call of Duty. As the reviews came tumbling in this morning, I got excited about the latest installment, which released today. In particular, it was videos of the newest additions to zombie mode that got my attention. So I bought it and downloaded it while I was at work.

And holy shit.

It’s good. It’s different. Everything that people dislike about COD games has been addressed… well, almost everything. I still think there are a few too many button prompts in the campaign mode, but there are a few stretches of balls-to-the-wall entertainment during which I can’t believe it’s a COD game. Amazingly enough it runs better on my system on launch day than MW2 and 3 do after being out for months. I can’t say that I’ve encountered any memorable bugs in the three hours I’ve played it, either.

The sound is crisp and clean, but Treyarch’s default mix of sound levels seems uneven on my speakers, which I admit are a little wonky at the moment. Joining games has been a breeze for the most part and although I lagged a couple of times, so far it’s been pretty smooth. I like the customization. I like the futuristic weapons and tactical gear. I like Call of Duty again.

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