5 reasons to get excited for Prometheus

Prometheus might be The One. Here are a few reasons:

1. Noomi Rapace

She’s unreasonably beautiful in a non-Hollywood way and she’s the last actress you’d expect to play the lead character in a summer blockbuster. My favorite part of the trailer is when someone tells her, “You’re smiling.” She is smiling, like a giddy schoolgirl, presumably over a scientific discovery. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I think Hollywood science fiction is short on. I want to see characters who react to the amazing sights like humans, not “cool” action heroes.

2. Charlize Theron

Theron said Ridley Scott is her dream director. Word on the street is the role was a pretty two-dimensional character, which the writers re-wrote when they found out about her involvement. You’d expect the company stooge (this film’s equivalent of the Paul Reiser part in Aliens?) to be a boring stereotype, but it’s been revealed they really beefed up her part.

There’s that, but then there’s also the fact that Theron reportedly does push-ups in the nude, which I believe was the very first scene revealed to the public at Comic-Con. Just saying.

3. Ridley Scott

When I was growing up, absolutely secure in my belief that 2001: A Space Odyssey was the greatest science fiction film of all time, I was collecting every new version of Blade Runner that released over the years, from VHS to DVD. Little did I know how much the film was growing on me. By the time The Final Cut came out, it became my favorite science fiction film of all time.

It looks like a mainstream film, and it’ll satisfy mainstream audiences, but it ain’t a mainstream story. This looks like dark, thought-provoking stuff despite the PG-13 rating.

4. The R-Rating

Oops, did I just say it was rated PG-13? I lied. We all expected it to be PG-13, because that’s what Hollywood does these days. Even Die Hard 4 was rated PG-13. No, the higher rating isn’t an automatic indication of a good film, but conversely, whenever a sequel to an R-rated film is rated PG-13, we all know that probably wasn’t an artistic decision. Usually it’s just the studio bending over backwards for a pre-teen demographic that wouldn’t know good movies if they were punched in the face by one.

5. Alien films were beginning to suck

Imagine if Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem was the film that closed the franchise. It was rated PG-13, sported no-name directors and, like the previous film, the studio took the chicken-shit stance of refusing to screen it for critics.

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