31 Days of Gore (Round 2) begins at midnight CT!

I hate the fall, but I love October. Each day this month I’ll feature a different horror movie, usually featuring hilariously wooden acting, red-colored Karo syrup, demons, monsters, decapitations, castrations, and tons of gratuitous nudity. Bring the whole family!

The Gore Meter

Like last year, each film will be assigned 1-4 on the “gore meter,” which is no indication of the quality of the movie itself. The rating is less affected by the amount of gore in the film than other factors such as the overall satisfaction, the quality, and the pacing of the gore effects. It’s highly subjective, so if you disagree with my rating, tough shit.

Let’s compare my two favorite horror films of all time: Rosemary’s Baby would score about a 1 on the meter, while George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead would get a 4.

Rosemary’s Baby
Dawn of the Dead
That brings you back up to speed, so come back at midnight, you sickos!

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