Vice’s OUTSIDER documentary series

So begins Zack Carlson’s intro to the maiden episode of OUTSIDER: “For the past forty years, Grandmaster YK Kim has built an empire of martial arts and self-help seminars. But what few of his devoted followers know is that in 1987 he was the producer, co-director, and star of his very own action movie… which nearly destroyed him.” Carlson is one of the minds behind the Alamo Drafthouse’s success, not to mention the fanatical movie collector who discovered Miami Connection by accident. Today it’s among the most beloved lost-and-found movies of all time.

I have no idea if this is going to be a regular series or what, but I sure am digging it so far. The first finely produced mini-doc focuses on the creator of Miami Connection while the second one profiles Laz Rojas, an aspiring filmmaker who currently lives in a hotel whenever he’s not sleeping in his car. There’s also a bonus video in the form of Rojas’s claim to underground fame: excerpts from the four-hour long demo reel he used to send to Hollywood agents, which found a viral life of its own.

Check out OUTSIDER here.

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