Space Cop trailer

Although there’s been no word on how many copies they started with, the Space Cop Blu-Ray reportedly sold out within hours, which suggests it sold better than they ever dreamed. Then again, maybe they only made two or three copies. Who knows?
I only started to pay attention to Red Letter Media last October when I was doing 31 Days of Horror. I had just seen From a Whisper to a Scream and, naturally, got on YouTube to watch more clips of Cameron Mitchell (no, not the Glee actor—the real Cameron Mitchell). It turned out the RLM hack-frauds (their words, not mine) are just as fascinated by the late character actor as I am. In the time since, I’ve seen every episode of RLM’s Best of the Worst, starting with this one.
They still haven’t provided a digital download for the movie yet, but when they do I’ll feature it here as a Midnight Movie. I’m cautiously excited to see it.

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