We Are Still Here is available for rent

Holy shit, you guys. We Are Still Here flew in under the radar for me. It’s a solid, believable, not-too-slow horror movie starring Barbara Crampton, my favorite scream queen of all time. Yeah, she may be well into her fifties and sporting a choppy mom haircut here, but she’s still aged better than almost any A-lister in Hollywood, particularly the ones who filled their faces with plastic.

Here’s the best thing I can say about We Are Still Here: movies just don’t scare me, but this one kind of did. Yeah, creepy basements are a dime a dozen in films like this, but what matters is what’s lurking inside those basements. In addition to You’re Next and It Follows, here’s further proof the recent era of terrible horror movies is coming to an end.

More horror movies for adults, please. Thank you.

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