Seth Rogen posted this on Twitter (AMC’s Preacher)

From Seth Rogen’s Twitter, which has some other Preacher relics:
There are three things I can’t wrap my head around involving AMC’s adaptation of Preacher. One: that it’s actually being made. Two: that Seth Rogen is involved. And three: that it will be any good.

Yeah, I know the comic I love so much will still exist even after AMC has their way with it. Hell, my favorite ongoing comic right now is The Walking Dead and I’m not a huge fan of the TV show. Sure, the television version of TWD has shown AMC can deliver on the violence, but violence isn’t the only thing Preacher has going against the likelihood it’ll get a faithful adaptation.

Those who’ve read Preacher already know that a lot of its subject matter just doesn’t jell with network television’s desire to sell us Walmart and McDonald’s. Adult situations have managed to creep into TV as of late, but can Preacher’s depiction of Christian gods and angels (spoiler: they ain’t the good guys) really be pulled off? I can’t imagine AMC would greenlight a project if it had all that juicy, blasphemous stuff in there, and if it doesn’t, would it really be Preacher?

I can’t imagine any flesh and blood actors looking this cool

Nonetheless, I’m (cautiously) looking forward to this one. How could I not be interested in seeing it? It’s fucking Preacher. Something tells me Seth Rogen’s the right guy for the job and maybe—just maybe—someone at AMC is trying to pull off the unthinkable: a Hail Mary pass at making AMC the new HBO. Walls like this have to be broken sooner or later.

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