Blunt Talk is free on

Although Blunt Talk doesn’t officially premiere until later tonight, Starz put up the first two episodes on their website. Hopefully more and more networks will do the same. It only makes sense to get us addicted to the product before asking us to pay the unreasonable price for premium cable packages.

The washed-up television personality Walter Blunt (Patrick Stewart), who seems obsessed with one-upping Anderson Cooper, has found himself at the center of a media scandal following his arrest for drunk driving. The network has been waiting for an excuse to cancel Blunt’s show for a while now and forces Blunt to see a psychologist to make sure he’s stable enough to put on the air. The psychologist, as it turns out, is played by Richard Lewis.

If the mere idea of Richard Lewis playing a psychologist is funny to you, then you’ll probably want to see Blunt Talk. I don’t think anyone who’s familiar with Stewart questioned whether or not he can be funny (if it’s any doubt, see this clip, this one, and countless interviews), but I’ve never seen him in a leading comedic role. Although I don’t think the series starts out as strongly as Better Call Saul, it’s definitely worth watching the two episodes, especially for free. Maybe a third episode would have gotten me hooked, but I’ll probably pass on this one until it hits Netflix or Amazon Prime’s streaming service.

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