GeekyGlassesTV’s brutal review of Fantastic Four

Yeah, there are spoilers in the video above. No, I don’t think it matters. Here’s a not very rare example of a movie trailer looking like complete shit and the movie itself turning out to be complete shit. (As of this writing, Rotten Tomatoes reports eight out of a whopping ninety-three reviews give it a passing grade.)
Almost everyone who’s already seen it says this movie is so unbelievably shitty there won’t be a sequel. If the rights do revert to MCU, as the above reviewer predicts, I don’t think Kevin Feige and company should bother making a reboot for a very, very long time. Instead, give us a Silver Surfer/Galactus standalone while we let the disappointment of the first two FF films become a distant memory.
I’m not as certain this piece of shit won’t be a box office hit anyway, though. Let’s not forget that even the second Fantastic Four film didn’t lose any money. Which makes me very disappointed in anyone who actually paid money to see the fucking thing, including myself. (Full disclosure, I’ll probably go see the latest piece of shit since it’s playing at the local drive-in this week.)

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