Shudder, the horror-only streaming video service, is sending out betas now

This is all you’ll see after you sign up for Shudder:

So I’m not sure if you can still sign up for the beta or if that’s just a mailing list at this point. All I can say for certain is: I really want to get into the beta. If early reviews of the service are true, looks like there’ll eventually be more horror to choose from than Netflix’s catalog.
If anyone from #Shudder is reading this, A) I don’t normally use hashtags—I’m guessing they probably don’t even work on blogs like this one—and B) I’m a perfect candidate for this service. 
What do I want from a genre-specific streaming video service? More definitive cuts of movies. I just watched Intruder on Hulu Plus, which I hate, because it promised to be the unrated cut. I just paid Shout Factory twenty bucks for seven extra minutes of Evilspeak; only the R-rated version is available on Netflix’s DVD service, which is becoming less and less useful as time goes on. It really sucks to pay 20+ bucks for a few extra minutes, sometimes seconds, of a movie that would be otherwise available on a service to which I’m already subscribed. (See: to see just how unfairly the MPAA and other rating boards have cut some of your favorite movies.)
My dream VOD service would also add a bunch of obscure stuff. I still own a VCR because a lot of the crap I watch never quite made it to DVD or VOD. I’m guessing picking up the streaming rights to movies like that would cost pocket change. I know only older horror geeks will give a shit, but at the very least the service can pad out their catalog and promise “thousands of movies!” to potential customers.

I’m also reviewing thirty-one horror films this October. So come on, Shudder. Send me a beta invite already!

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