Nobody’s hotter than Atari this summer

My parents didn’t get us an 8-bit Nintendo until well after all my friends had one (yeah, I know, cry me a river, right?) so I was strictly an Atari kid in the beginning of my life. I never owned a 5200, but weren’t commercials just better when ad executives were still on cocaine?

I confess to a certain level of nostalgia for Atari. I can only hope the upcoming (and pointless) Blade Runner sequel retains the original’s vision of the future, in which Atari not only still exists, it warrants prominent advertising on the streets. I never really loved Atari’s Pac-Man or many of the other arcade ports, but there’s something endearing about games like Adventure (which I didn’t have) and Combat (which I did have) that show that all kids needed back then was a handful of squares and a healthy imagination. Just look at this simplicity:
The funny thing about the Atari 2600 is I always played it on a black & white television set. I didn’t even know it had color until I was a teenager.
The older I get, the less fun I have with modern games. I miss the sounds. I miss the graphics. I miss the fact that you could buy it, bring it home, and it was complete. Timed DLC sucks.

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