Just some bad weather and some Shawshank shit

Just dropping in to let you know I’m still alive…

Better Call Saul is pretty great. Reminds me why I loved Breaking Bad so much. It’s exciting to have a spin-off that doesn’t suck.

I’m loving The Escapists, too, which I purchased on a whim. It took me nearly thirty (in-game) days to escape from the first prison level, but in my defense I haven’t been consulting internet guides and I got lured into the surprisingly pleasant monotony of working out with my homies and making license plates all day. 

I’ve been rereading a lot of my favorites lately. Neuromancer is a masterpiece any way you look at it and I’ve been looking at it from a host of different angles recently. It blows my mind Gibson was around my age when he wrote the novel. Every time I think about it I feel self-conscious about my own work. I try hard to bring the same level of texture to my own fiction. Neuromancer isn’t a book that merely goes out of its way to avoid flowery prose, it throws it in a dungeon and tortures it.
* * *
What sucks about living in Oklahoma is the local news really oversells how bad the winter weather’s going to get, presumably to boost ratings, so nowadays you never know when it’s the real deal. A local hardware store is usually selling a ton of salt, sand, and shovels at this point, but an interview with the manager claimed only one person has stocked up on such supplies. When I was at the grocery store earlier I noticed a shocking abundance of bread and milk.
And guess what? I just heard thunder. I can hear sleet pinging the outside of my window unit. Time to curl up with some comics, I suppose. Speaking of which, I like Marvel’s new Star Wars comics, but at the same time I refuse to believe Luke and Vader came face-to-face between Episodes 4 and 5. It just skews the pre-existing stuff and, if one were to take it as canon, disrupts a bit of the overall rhythm. Or something. I don’t know.

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