John Carpenter’s first album, ‘Lost Themes" @ NPR

To be clear, it’s his first album that isn’t a movie soundtrack. According to NPR:

This is thoroughly ’80s-sounding music, and understandably so; Carpenter wisely sticks with what he knows, leaning on his trademark synth sound rather than forcing his aesthetic into an awkward modern update. Paradoxically, the dated nature of Lost Themes gives it a timeless aura. At 67, Carpenter can still make something frozen in time feel eternal.

Link here. Apparently the whole album’s streaming on their site so listen to it before it mysteriously disappears.

I’ve been listening to Carpenter’s themes throughout the writing of my novel, so I’m ecstatic to have a new album fall out of the sky during the final draft. This and Boom! Studios’ comic book adaptation of Escape from New York have made the withdrawal for a new JC movie even harder. I don’t give a shit he’s nearly seventy. I want something to cleanse the palate after The Ward.

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