The Expanse and The Man in the High Castle are coming to TV

Journalists are already calling it “A Game of Thrones in space!” Well, okay. If you guys say so. I know one of the writers of the source material used to work for GRRM, but let’s not get all sensational and shit. Watch the writers wince when the lazy GOT comparison is made in this video.

I admit I’m usually not a fan of SyFy productions. I tried watching their Dune adaptation at least three times and never got very far into it. For the record, I’ve never finished the David Lynch movie, either. The trailer for The Expanse resembles too much of SyFy’s stuff that I don’t like: too slick for its own good, too shiny. At least it’s got some good actors.

If it sounds like I’m not excited about this series, I assure you it’s only because I’m not. But hey, I’ll watch it anyway and I really, really hope I’m wrong. At the very least it reminded me I need to read the sequels to Leviathan Wakes. (I have a bad habit of starting series and not reading the sequels.)

You know what else is getting the TV treatment? Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. Here’s a clip:

Now that’s more like it.
The Man in the High Castle has to be one of the best alternative history novels ever written. See, it’s a novel set in a universe in which the Axis Powers won WWII. The characters themselves discover a novel set in a universe in which the Axis Powers lost. It’s an alternative reality set within an alternative reality. Look, it sounds a lot more gimmicky than it is, trust me.

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