Raimi compares Ash’s situation in The Evil Dead series to "Unforgiven"

From the Nerdist podcast with Sam Raimi.

When Chris Hardwick asks Raimi if the upcoming Evil Dead TV show is set after Army of Darkness, the director indicates it is… sort of. “I’m kind of more approaching it like he’s the Clint Eastwood of monster fighters,” he says, making a comparison to Unforgiven’s implied relationship to The Outlaw of Josey Wales. Paraphrasing because Raimi talks a mile a minute: “That was years ago when he fought the monsters, now he’s kind of living life the way he likes to live it as a stock boy and he’s kind of hiding out from them… but they come back.”

Sometimes Raimi is clearly (and characteristically) pulling our legs: “It takes place in a Valu-mart and Bruce is still the stock boy.” Hardwick and company burst out laughing at this. “Only now he has incontinence issues.”

And in case you missed the original announcement, here’s the goods from The Rolling Stone:

The show will find Ash, complete with his chainsaw arm, facing off against a plague of “Deadites,” the demonic creatures from the movies. “Ash is finally forced to face his demons – personal and literal,” the show’s logline said. “Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its ‘Evil’ grip.”

Starz has ordered 10 episodes that are reportedly thirty minutes a piece. I thought I heard February 2015 as the premiere date somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find a good source on that. If this manages to come out before Game of Thrones returns in April, it’ll make the wait a hell of a lot easier.

The entire hour and a half of the podcast is a blast. The reason Raimi’s there is to promote his wife’s upcoming feature, Murder of a Cat (trailer here), which looks like it suffers from the classic “good movie, bad trailer” problem. Honestly, though, the cat’s double life is genius. I love the idea of two characters meeting because it turns out they owned the same cat.

So it’s 2015 now. Welcome to the future.

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