io9’s best science fiction & fantasy books of 2014

Well, the only books I’ve read from the list are The Peripheral, The Martian, and Lock-In, which just goes to show I should really read more new stuff (I blame this on my pulp addiction). I actually thought The Martian and Lock-In came out last year, so I’m a bit more current than I usually am at this point in the year.

Here’s their list.

And here’s a fairly new video of William Gibson talking The Peripheral:

I love how the interviewer mentions he used to pretend he was Case as a kid
As for my New Year’s Eve plans tonight, I have no idea. Frankly, I just want to sit around at home and watch the ball drop because that and The Oscars are the only two television “events” I watch all year. I just don’t like getting drunk on the one day of the year everyone’s drinking and yes, I realize how crazy-paranoid-silly that sounds. A friend reminded me of time zones and the fact China isn’t celebrating the new year today, so theoretically there should be plenty of sober people to deal with a potential alien invasion.
Speaking of time zones, each year I’m reminded of Louis Wu in Larry Niven’s Ringworld who, at the beginning of the story, decides to extend his 200th birthday by hopping across time zones via teleportation. Here’s something I haven’t realized until today: that novel’s over forty years old. Man, we’re getting old, aren’t we?

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