Summer Camp: an upcoming video game straight out of the VHS horror section

announcement trailer
Tom Savini is in on this. So is the composer who created the original Friday the 13th score. It’s pretty promising, but let’s not get too excited until we see some real gameplay. Read more here.
* * *
Hitler just wants to teabag a dinosaur
So it’s been over two weeks since Halo: The Master Chief Collection released and I was pretty excited to get a copy. Unfortunately, the multiplayer matchmaking system does not work. I don’t know who to blame—the developers or the publisher, or a mixture of both, and maybe even XBOX LIVE itself caused some of the issues. I don’t know enough about this technical stuff so I won’t point fingers, but goddamn. In the fifteen days since I got it, I’ve played a total of fifteen online games. In fact, since last week’s patch, I haven’t successfully connected once. (To be fair, I’ve kind of lost interest in trying at this point, but since the patch, things are noticeably worse for me.)
I was disappointed in Civilization: Beyond Earth, too. I know a lot of people are defending it because… well, I don’t know why, exactly, but it’s just not a fifty dollar game at this point. Although it worked well (for me) early on, that’s not a bonus, it’s just a realistic expectation. Rather, it used to be a realistic expectation for a game to work on launch day, but the only game that’s really kicked ass in that department lately was Shadow of Mordor. 
And that’s fucking sad. Again, I don’t know who’s to blame for Halo turning out so shoddy, but someone needs to be blamed eventually. Then there’s talk of compensation for our troubles, but what’s the chance it’s anything any of us give a shit about? With the exception of Beyond Earth, I (mostly) stopped pre-purchasing games ever since Duke Nukem Forever. I don’t want to have to stop buying games on launch week, too.

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