The Verge reviews Halo: The Master Chief Collection… and it sounds awesome

One thing Xbox has always done better than Playstation is the Halo series. There’s nothing I love more than science fiction and megastructures, and Halo has never disappointed in those categories. I remember the first time I played Combat Evolved thirteen years ago. The elusive holy grail of shooters back then was actually being able to drive an enemy’s vehicle… to this day I’m still frustrated I can’t drive whatever I see in most video games. Halo: CE, however, finally let you do it. While the game was mostly linear, there was the feeling many battles could be bypassed completely as you tooled around on your hijacked Warthog or alien tank. And the first time you see a Banshee and realize, Holy shit, I can actually fly this thing! was a moment very few video games have recreated since.

From The Verge review:

… The Master Chief Collection represents such excellent value. The four mainline Halo games all look and play great on Xbox One, although the precise details of their upgrades differ. Halo: Combat Evolved is based on the 2011 anniversary remake for Xbox 360, this time running in 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second. Halo 3 and 4 are essentially the Xbox 360 games with the same 1080p/60fps boost.

Check out the full review here. Sounds like this is the best gaming deal since The Orange Box… and that was seven years ago, believe it or not.

This weekend, if I can find the time, I’ll be playing the spin-off title Halo: Reach since it won’t be included in The Master Chief Collection and I doubt I’ll be going back to the older games after the new collection comes out. Reach still looks pretty good on a big HD screen and there’s a really great sequence which has a space elevator collapsing to the ground… the only thing better than megastructures is watching them get destroyed.

2 thoughts on “The Verge reviews Halo: The Master Chief Collection… and it sounds awesome

  1. Yeah, I can't believe more people don't remember it. (I've met one person who has actually seen it.) If you're looking to watch it again, the DVD I got through Netflix is pretty crappy as far as video quality goes, but it's on Blu-ray now and I think it's pretty cheap.


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