Wasteland 2 is out now

Now you can grab the standard edition of Wasteland 2 for $39.99, while the deluxe edition is still $59.99 as it was during early access. I thought standard was going to be more like $20 when it released, but if the game is as long as developers say it is (and the hard drive space it requires indicates it is), then $39.99 is probably just about right. I had an easier time getting the hang of Shadowrun Returns, but Wasteland 2 is worth the effort.

So far, anyway. Sometimes I want to beat the shit out of my computer, but most of the time I’m having fun. I think. I’m not really sure. I’ve managed to get nine hours out of it since Friday, so I can’t say it’s been a waste of money.

For my first playthrough I decided on pre-generated characters: a guy who likes blunt weapons (the most useful character in my party so far), a demolitions expert, a sniper, and a medic. The demo expert was dead within the first hour. My other three characters are still kicking, but only because of obsessive saving and reloading. This game is hard. Rewarding, but hard.

Or maybe I just don’t know how to play games like this. I suspect keeping all of your original characters alive is probably missing the point, but that’s just the way I play. The game indulges stuff like that: playing the way you want to. We need more games like it.

In the game you control a group of Rangers who belong to one of the authority factions in post-apocalyptic Arizona. You travel from one outpost to the next via an overworld map which, like The Adventures of Link, will provide random encounters with random enemies. I discovered early on you want to train your ranged units in melee skills because bullets are pretty hard to come by. Another thing to note is the game is infuriating. The Rangers are some of the worst shots in the world. To have a player character miss an enemy one space away three or more times in a row could very well result in a smashed computer monitor for many players.

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