Civilization Beyond Earth is my most anticipated game

Being a fan of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuari (arguably the greatest 4x strategy game ever), I’m seriously stoked for Civilization Beyond Earth. What’s really interesting (and long overdue) is the inclusion of a tech web rather than the obligatory tech tree. It just makes more sense. 
Fall 2014 can’t come soon enough.
At the moment I’m playing Distant World: Universe, an insanely complex real-time strategy game set in space. It’s a little overwhelming until you realize you can automate nearly anything and focus on what you want. Is it a game that plays itself? Sort of, if you want it to. A popular strategy for beginners is automating everything but one ship and pretending to be the captain of said ship. Then you can slowly un-automate things a little bit at a time the more you get used to it. I’m not sure if I like it more than Sins of a Solar Empire yet, but it’s growing on me. A lot of games like this take a while to click for me, but when they do it’s a new addiction.
So it’s the week of E3. I’m sure I’ll be using this blog to nerd out over the next few days. Already I’m excited about quite a bit.

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