Codelink v2 is a good replacement for Uplink fans

Despite having an unusually large collection of 2600, I know just about nothing about hacking outside of what I’ve learned in William Gibson novels and, let’s face it, that stuff doesn’t work in real life. Well, maybe I know more about it than the average person, but considerably less than anyone who actually does it. I loved Uplink, but the game is beginning to show its age. Enter Codelink v2, a 100% free hacking game that kept me up at least an hour longer than I planned last night. I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently there’s PVP hacking as well.

There’s also a much simpler game on Android right now called Hack Ex, which is amusing for the first few hacks or so. Basically you set up a virtual computer and bank account on your phone and tablet, then use it to gain entry into others’ computers and bank accounts. The pay-to-win aspect of it, however, is disappointing, and according to the grapevine it’s currently overrun by scripters. I don’t think that matters much in the lower levels. There’s also complaints that the game loses its sense of reward the higher up the leaderboard you climb, so I’m not sure if I recommend it. Maybe check it out if, like me, you’re hankering for some free, Uplink-like action.

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