Kevin Spacey’s in the next COD game

I’m probably over Call of Duty games, but with this (and Netflix’s House of Cards), Kevin Spacey proves that had he been around when the film industry converted to talkies, he would have been among the few carry-over stars. I think what’s notable about this is the fact that, more often than not, game developers put an actor’s voice but not their likeness into a game, which makes about zero sense to me in most cases. Then again, it seems the uncanny valley here could be a bit too distracting for total immersion. 
More evidence of Spacey’s forward-thinking, which seems to be in short supply in Hollywood these days:
Spacey’s easily one of my favorite actors (I saw L.A. Confidential at the movie theater twice and remember taking notice of him as far back as Outbreak) so it’s nice to know he’s not one of the short-sighted nuts in the film industry. The one point I disagree with in the video above is watching a movie on an iPad is not the same as watching it in a theater. Why the hell do people do that?

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