King of Tokyo is a fun filler game

I love modern board games, particularly of the science fiction variety. My favorite is Android: Netrunner, but it’s hard to convince people who aren’t crazy about that sort of thing to play. While I’d rather be playing Twilight Imperium (haven’t touched it yet because I know it’d be a wasted purchase) or Exodus: Proxima Centauri (same story), the fact of the matter is stuff like that’s a pain in the ass to teach to filthy casuals.
So instead of blowing nearly a hundred bucks on Level 7: Omega Protocol (yet another game I’m dying to play) I selflessly went for King of Tokyo. Yes, it’s a blast to play a few times in a row, but think of it more as a gateway game for people who still think Monopoly and Clue are the tits. And comparing its price to the other games I mentioned, it’s a bargain.

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