Altergaze: Mobile Virtual Reality

Until Oculus Rift was announced, I had written off virtual reality as the flying car idea of the 1990s. Don’t get me wrong: as a preteen I was more than certain I was going to live in a Johnny Mnemonic future long before I was old enough to drink. Then I got my first hands-on experience with such a device. I can’t remember many bigger disappointments in my childhood. Thank goodness for Palmer Luckey.
Aftergaze is yet another product that knocks my socks off on ingenuity alone. It’s not as ridiculously cool (or ridiculous) as Mnemonic’s rig, but it’s a hell of a lot more practical. If I didn’t think I’d see the consumer version of Oculus before this Kickstarter got of the ground, I’d pledge in a heartbeat. 
It’s thirty pounds for the files to print your own ($50 USD). For fifty pounds (a little over $80 USD) you can have a pre-printed kit sent to your door.

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