Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer promises beta access to DOOM 4

It’s safe to say id Software will never mean as much to me as it did when I was a kid, but I can’t help but get excited for anything they release. I don’t get nostalgic often. Wolfenstein is one of the few series to do it for me, though, even if I haven’t been entirely blown away since 2001’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

So here’s the deal: if you want beta access to DOOM 4 (now, simply, DOOM, which isn’t the best of signs in this remake-crowded era) you need to pre-order the game. The FAQ currently says this:

I’ve just pre-ordered Wolfenstein, where’s my DOOM beta key?

An insert will be included inside your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order. This insert will include a key code along with code redemption instructions. Once the key code is redeemed, you’ll be registered to participate in the DOOM beta once it begins. Check back at wolfenstein.com/doom for updated information.

So does this mean it has to be a boxed copy? I know I’m not alone when I say I’d rather pre-order through Steam.

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