Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is worthy of the MG name

So even though I got into the Titanfall beta, this game is my weekend. Not sure why I hadn’t played it sooner considering I’m a Metal Gear fan, but I finally got around to it. While I prefer the storytelling in MGS4, I found the initially frustrating controls of Revengeance grow on you. I love stealth as much as anyone else, but Raiden’s sword-slicin’ is a breed of game mechanic which doesn’t come along often. And while I generally like the idea of character upgrades they usually end up annoying me in practice… not here, however. Almost every “little” thing you can purchase makes a noticeable improvement.
What’s really cool is MGR:R doesn’t become repetitive like most hack n’ slash games. Almost every encounter is different than the last and the enemy combinations feel less like recycling than clever design. The first boss battle is a bitch if you weren’t paying attention when the game taught you parrying, but once you beat it the first time you’re pretty much well equipped for everything else the game throws at you. Not that it isn’t challenging through and through.
The only fault I can find is the camera. It’s a squirrelly bastard and has singlehandedly caused me to lose my life a few times, but it’s far from bad enough to break the entire game. Nine times out of ten it works.
MGR:R has gotten me so hyped for Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain I can’t see straight.

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