Scorsese’s new movie looks as awesome as you’d expect

What I love about this trailer is that it doesn’t seem like Scorsese in the beginning, then slowly slides into the kind of stuff we expect from him. In a way, the expected stuff is somehow disappointing at the same time. I think we’re all beginning to detect a pattern to his work, not that everyone got whacked at the end of Hugo or anything. I’d love to see him go balls-to-the-wall risky at his age. I want to see him do something so damned unexpected and unique it could fail miserably. But hey, it probably wouldn’t, because he’s Martin fucking Scorsese.
I’ll see The Wolf of Wall Street, but it’s time to shake it up, Marty. Do a horror picture. Do high-concept science fiction. Prove in the grandest way possible that older artists aren’t destined to repeat themselves.

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