Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode was worth the wait

It seems like we heard Neil Gaiman was going to write a Doctor Who episode two or three years ago. It’s finally here. For someone whose interest in the program petered out after Russell T. Davies and David Tennant left (the show got a little too kid-friendly and goofy for me, but I actually like Matt Smith as the Doctor), that was the best episode in years. Hell, I’d say it’s one of the best hours in TV history.

didn’t Gaiman say he disliked the cybermen?

As for the latest episode of The Office… well, the most positive thing to say is they probably picked the right time to go off the air.

So we shot some more scenes for the movie this weekend. We have around a quarter of the movie filmed and edited. Total budget so far? Less than $250. 
We spare no expense. 

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