The homestretch beard is no more and why ebook readers are great for short fiction readers

That’s right. I finished my novel quite a few days ago. Well, the first draft, anyway. If it’s anything like the other novels I’ve written, I’ll put it in a drawer with the intention of dusting it off for revisions later, only to find I don’t give a shit anymore. But it’s not going to be like the other novels I’ve written. I say that every time, sure, and I don’t feel like convincing you, Total Stranger, that this time is any different.

It just is. I know it is.

Right now I have horror stories in me. I feel like that’s what I should work on instead of the planned sequel to the SF novel. Besides, I’ve been reading a hell of a lot more horror than ever before. I find myself picking up horror short fiction rags more than the science fiction ones, which is really unusual for me. Have you read eHorror? I got it through B&N on my tablet. This month’s issue (Vol. 1, No. 8) has a story called “It’s Just Tearing Me All Apart” by O.D. Hegre. It’s described as, “A tale of perverted sexual vengeance.”

Perverted? Yeah, I’d say so. Hell of a good read, too. If you subscribe to the magazine today, through B&N, it’s free for fourteen days. Amazon might offer the same deal. I don’t know. I don’t feel like looking it up because I rarely purchase anything in their ebook store.

Sorry if that sounded like a commercial. I have no affiliation with those people.

That’s the only thing I really like about ebook readers, by the way. As a struggling writer, you always have to read a lot of short fiction. If you buy them at the newstand, you probably can’t afford them because, like I said, there’s the whole struggling-writer thing. I read more short fiction than ever because it’s cheaper than it’s ever been when you subscribe. Is that good for the publishers and the writers? I think so.

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