Adam Sessler compares Bioshock Infinite to Half-Life

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the lack of updates this blog will surely see due to this game coming out in three hours:

This is really a bad time for this game to come out. Every aspect of my life that tends to get busy (my working life, my writing life… okay, that’s about it) is absolutely busy as hell at the moment. Damn it, Irrational Games! I don’t need this shit right now!
I’m working on a short horror story right now. Surprisingly, I just finished a horror story, too. It was about (well, sorta/kinda inspired by) the Phantasmagoria ride at Bell’s Amusement Park. It’s definitely one story I’m going to shop around rather than stash in a drawer and forget. It’s been nearly three-quarters of a year since I published my last story so, yeah, I need to get my ass into gear. Too bad Duotrope costs money now. It’s almost enough for me to use a frowny face emoticon… almost.
If you’re a speculative fiction writer, seriously click that “Duotrope” link above.

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