The trailer for Wrong is insane(ly awesome)

I loved Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber for one reason in particular: it was the best movie about a killer tire that could possibly be made. Okay, that’s not the praise it deserves, but I still loved it. A lot of people don’t like that movie, though, but they’re exactly the kind of people who probably should have avoided a film about a killer tire to begin with.
The director’s feature follow-up is called Wrong, which (in some sort of way or another) is an extension of his short film Wrong Cops: Chapter 1, which starred Marilyn Manson. It was the kind of role you would expect from Nick Swordson as opposed to the guy who gave us The Dope Show. If you watch Wrong Cops, keep an eye out for a cameo by Jon Lajoie in his famous outfit.
I’m glad to see Wrong will be on VOD February 1st. I’m ready to have my brain melted into ice cream, what about you?

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