The Best Genre Movies of 2012

Amazing Spider-Man
Most people I know didn’t like it. I loved it. It just worked for me on a level the other films missed. Perhaps my expectations were really low; I really didn’t think I wanted to see another Spider-Man movie because I was one of the suckers who paid to see part three.

The Avengers
This is a big movie. In fact, it may very well be the biggest movie I’ve ever seen in terms of scope. At the very least, it’s the biggest movie I’ve ever seen that works. I was pleasantly surprised.

Cabin In The Woods
If you’re anything like me you groaned when you saw the trailer. Hey kids! It’s yet another “teenagers in a cabin” film! Thankfully the word of mouth got around to me: it’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it’s the best horror film of the year. Actually, make that years, plural.

I was extremely impressed with this movie even though it came at a time when I was pretty sick of seeing movies about people with superpowers.

The Dark Knight Rises
My least favorite of the comic book movies on my list, and yet a worthy ending for the Nolan trilogy. Catwoman is pretty boring, but Bane is menacing enough. And dat ending!

Django Unchained
This is one of my two favorite films of the year.

This film isn’t modern and I mean that in a good way. It’s so refreshing to see a straight forward, R-rated action film like this. Hopefully it finds a cult following on video.

The Grey (Links to trailer; I didn’t review it)
I don’t know enough about wolves to say for sure, but there was a lot about this movie I doubted. Doesn’t matter. Just pretend it’s all accurate and you’ll find yourself rooting for the characters no matter how silly it infrequently gets.

John Dies At The End
It’s just a fun movie. Watch the trailer and you should know right off the bat whether or not that’s for you.

This is it, my favorite film of the year. The special effects are a little silly at times, but that’s not what this movie is about anyway. There’s an unexpected flashfoward/flashsideways about thirty minutes into the picture that made me fall in love with it. Anything but your standard action movie.

Men In Black 3
Perhaps this one is more of an honorable mention. It is, however, my favorite in a series that wasn’t my cup of tea to begin with. I just wish Tommy Lee Jones had cared a little bit more about being in it. That and the ending was a little rushed, not to mention unnecessary.

So what were your favorite movies of the year? Leave a comment below.

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