James Rolfe’s tribute to TNT’s Monster Vision

I can’t embed the video here (at least I don’t think I can) so here’s the link.

I’m not particularly persuaded by nostalgia, but hot damn, Joe Bob Briggs is one of my favorite people alive. Perhaps it’s because he’s a fellow southerner who somehow doesn’t seem retarded. Not many people can get away with wearing cowboy boots and bolo ties, certainly not while checking off lists that count the number of breasts and severed heads seen in a movie.

Things that surprised me about Rolfe’s video:

  • There was a Monster Vision before Joe Bob Briggs. I’m sure I knew about this back then, but either way, I didn’t know it now. 
  • Penn & Teller once hosted the show for a month. 
  • Monster Vision ran longer than I suspected it did. It wasn’t cancelled until 2000.
Here’s the link to Joe Bob’s official website.

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