The bluetooth keyboard that fits in your pocket

AUGUST 2015 UPDATE: Inexplicably, this post has been getting a lot of views lately, but it’s pretty old. I thought I’d point this similar keyboard out. (That’s not an affiliate link, by the way. I make no money directly off of this blog.) The linked keyboard is, at the time of this writing, $35 and it’s got good user reviews. If anyone cares about the original post, here it is:

I love it.

the Jorno pocketable keyboard
One of the things I like about writing all my documents in Google Drive is the fact that when I go to bed, I don’t have to get back up and go to my computer when I think of something to add to a story. I just grab my phone and touch the Drive shortcut on my home screen. It takes maybe two more clicks to find the last document I was working on. The only thing that sucks, however, is typing on a virtual keyboard.
If you take advantage of Jorno’s Kickstarter project, you can get one for $79. After that, it’ll retail for about $119.

2 thoughts on “The bluetooth keyboard that fits in your pocket

  1. It's nice, but I hate having to carry around a million different components just to type. Have you seen the keychain laser keyboard? Now THAT is awesome!


  2. I hear you on carrying several different components. As for the laser keyboard, I saw something similar about five years ago in an issue of Popular Science. I love the space-saving aspect of the device, but I'm not sure I could ever get used to typing on a tabletop. Upgrading to my current Galaxy phone was a pain because I lost the physical qwerty of my G1 (I had SNES and GEN emu on it, something that's practically impossible to do with a touchscreen alone). Nonetheless, you're right: the technology is awesome. It's comparable to the stuff in Minority Report.


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