Notch talks about 0x10c in Penny Arcade interview

I’m sitting here doing everything I can to take my mind off the upcoming release of FTL.

I love space games, so when it was announced Markuss “Notch” Persson (developer of Minecraft, the hugest indie game ever) was making a space game, I’ve been following the news every week since. One of the best resources for this information, other than Notch’s Twitter account, is Reddit’s 0x10c sub. Notch himself occasionally pops in to speak with his fans. (Recently, he apologized for the lack of updates with a surprisingly personal excuse: he was going through a painful breakup. He promised to get back to work right after PAX.)

So how do you pronounce 0x10c? Straight from Notch himself:

“Yeah! You can pronounce it any way you want.”

(In case you’re wondering, it seems the most official way to pronounce it is, “Ten To The Cee.”)
Read more of the interview here. I’m just hoping FTL holds me over long enough.

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