Free Story: If I’m Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage by Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer’s upcoming novel Triggers is currently being serialized in Analog. It’s fantastic so far. It’s like a Tom Clancy novel combined with a science-gone-wrong plot that isn’t anti-science. If you hit the bookstore right now, you should be able to catch it from the first. Or download the digital issue of Analog. It’s like two or three bucks depending on whether or not you subscribe.

Last month’s Apex saw the arrival of a new editor, who in his first editorial mentions something Elizabeth Bear said: science fiction is currently in its rainbow era. She’s right. There isn’t one thing that science fiction is doing right now.

So for this week’s free story, I thought I’d find something by Sawyer. I’m not the hugest fan of flash fiction, but I’m not so close-minded I’d ignore it. This story is two hundred and fifty words long and it feels right. If I’m Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage.

You can find other free stories of his here.

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