"You mustn’t be afraid to dream of a bigger gun."

I cannot get past how cool this movie looks. It stars Leo, Juno, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s becoming one of my favorite actors (see: 500 Days of Summer and Brick). On top of that, they cram Michael Caine in there, who is one of my favorite actors. Like, definitely in the top three on my “living” list.
I think drawing comparisons between this and The Matrix is unfair, but people are doing it.
* * *
I always said it: I’d watch The X-Files if Netflix ever got it for Instant Play. Well, they just did and I started the pilot episode around four in the morning last night. Previously, I’d only seen the show twice and somehow it was the same episode—the one with Peter Boyle. However, I’ve seen the movies and was pretty enthusiastic about both of them, especially the second one which was kind of like the first movie mixed with The Silence of the Lambs.

Apparently a lot of people didn’t like this movie, fans and non-fans alike. I think they need to give it another chance.

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