Clash of the Titans VS. Clash of the Titans

Apparently some genius was sitting at a conference table with Hollywood bigwigs and suggested they remake a film that would have sucked had it not been for the stop-motion effects. The gimmick? “Only this time, we make it WITHOUT stop-motion effects!” At which point the producers probably slapped each other on the back for work well done and proceeded to blow each other.

Now look at these two trailers (the first of which is a fan edit) and tell me which one you’d rather see. Be honest.

Okay, so if it weren’t for the typical music, the remake’s trailer doesn’t look that bad, but I’d be a little more receptive if it were directed by Peter Jackson or Guillermo del Toro. Also, this Sam Worthington guy… I don’t know about him. So far he has yet to make a picture I actually saw. (I’m holding out on watching a movie of his until the first reviews of Avatar come out. Then again, I don’t know why; critics loved Titanic, which was far too slick and all together insignificant to take seriously for most of the people I know who watched it. Hell, I even thought Waterworld was a better movie.)
If you want to check out the original trailer for the original film, you can check it out here.

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